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Top 5 Amazing WhatsApp Features You Can Use Now

WhatsApp has now become one of the most used applications for messaging. The app has been constantly pushing its envelope for technological developments while rolling out new features for its 1.5 billion monthly active users worldwide. To retain its top spot as the most used app, WhatsApp has come out with a set …

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Google tells workers to avoid arguing politics in house

SAN FRANCISCO: Google on Friday told employees to focus on work instead of heated debates about politics with colleagues at the internet company, which has long been known for encouraging people to speak their minds. Updated workplace guidelines for “Googlers” called on them to be responsible, helpful, and thoughtful during …

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Google Shuts Youtube Accounts Linked to Hong Kong Disinformation

Google has shut down 210 channels on YouTube it said were part of a “coordinated” attempt to post material about the ongoing protests in Hong Kong. The firm said attempts had been made to “disguise the origin of these accounts and other activity commonly associated with coordinated influence operations”. The search …

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Android ditches desserts as Q becomes Android 10

The next version of the Android operating system (OS) will not be named after a dessert or sweet treat, ending a tradition that started in 2009. Following the pattern, the name of the new version would have started with Q. But Google said it had ditched the naming scheme because …

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Apple Card can be damaged by jeans and lather wallets

Apple has advised owners of its new credit card to keep it away from leather and denim. Keeping the card in a leather wallet or in the pocket of a pair of jeans could cause “permanent discoloration”. The Apple Card is a relatively plain matt white credit card made of …

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‘Fedor’ its First Humanoid Robot Russia Sends into Space

MOSCOW: Russia on Thursday launched an unmanned rocket carrying a life-size humanoid robot that will spend 10 days learning to assist astronauts on the International Space Station. Named Fedor, for Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research with identification number Skybot F850, the robot is the first-ever sent up by Russia. Fedor …

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Expensive and Best Mobile Phones Ever

Here is a list of world’s top 10 most expensive mobile phones: Phone is a major requirement of our daily lives. Mobile phone or even has the prices vary widely ranging from the cheapest phones in the world up to the most expensive mobile phone in the world. In today’s …

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US Backs Off Huawei Export Ban for 90 Days

The US$11 billion export component of the business American companies do with Chinese electronics giant Huawei is safe for at least 90 days. The U.S. Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security on Monday announced an extension of the Temporary General License for Huawei and its non-U.S. affiliates so they …

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WhatsApp in talks to launch mobile payments in Indonesia

JAKARTA: Facebook messaging service WhatsApp is in talks with multiple Indonesian digital payment firms to offer their mobile transaction services, in a bid to tap the nation’s fast-growing e-commerce sector, people familiar with the matter said. Indonesia could become the second country worldwide where WhatsApp introduces such services, as it …

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