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“Husband Love is immense,” she told the unique reason for the divorce

UAE woman files a case for Khalla in court, says her husband does not bother me despite arguing

Married women usually complain that their husbands do not love them, do not talk affectionately, do not fulfill their wishes, fight or beat or are very loyal. Divorce is often dealt with because of these complaints. But a married woman from the United Arab Emirates has arrived in the local court to seek justice only because her husband loves her unconditionally and raises her every eyebrow.

The woman, in a news release filed by the local newspaper Elmiraat Elume, said that it was a year before our marriage petition was filed. My husband loves me more than I need to.
His love for me has begun to wane. He lifts up my spirits, caters to my every need, but brings me my things before I say them, and also cleanses my house.

Many times I cook and even feed. Never speaks harsh words to me. But I am fed up with this attitude. I wish there was a quarrel between us, we were just as angry with each other as the other couple. Certainly every woman wants such a husband, but when someone is living like me, she will know how close I am.

Even if I deliberately quarrel with an excuse, he ignores it and dismisses the matter. I want my husband to be timid and pompous, who occasionally shakes his wife at his wrongdoing and gets hurt. I have to say it. Because of her weak personality, I have now given up meeting people too. ”In response, the husband said that if I love my wife unconditionally and raise her delicate flames. What is bad
I love it immensely, which is why I do it. The court listened to both parties at the first hearing and gave them both time to build consensus. The judge decided that there would be no decision until the next hearing.


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