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Hamza Ali Abbasi Talking Again About His Marriage

Following the announcement of his upcoming marriage just days before the wedding, actor Hamza Ali Abbasi took to social media once again to elucidate his earlier remarks.

Abbasi insisted he was using the attention drawn by his marriage to “highlight a point for those who can relate and are interested.”

In his earlier message, Abbasi had said his relationship with fellow actor and wife-to-be Naimal Khawar had been that of a “very platonic friend” — implicitly indicating that the couple had no prior relations — and going so far as to say he did not love her and is marrying her to fulfill religious obligations.

In his latest, he claims, “platonic relationship means ‘love or affection in a bond without any sexual element in it.”

A key reason Abbasi has been receiving flak for his comments surrounding his marriage is his seeming insecurity or unwillingness to acknowledge the nature of his relationship with Khawar and choice to vilify those who do not adhere to his views, as well as shifting the proverbial goalposts on what is religiously permissible when it comes to finding a partner.

Whatever the reason, it’s entirely okay to like someone and decide to settle down; there is no reason to hide.

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