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3.72 Carat Yellow Diamond Woman Found from Arkansas Park

A woman who visited a Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas has received a 3.72-carat yellow diamond from the park. This is the largest diamond found in the park in two years.

Miranda Hollingshed, 27, of Bogata, Texas, said she was sitting on a hill northeast of the park. In the meantime, she was watching a video on YouTube on how to find diamonds.

Suddenly when they looked down, they saw a pearl.
Miranda shouted loudly and told her mother that she had probably found a diamond. The family arrived at the park’s Diamond Discovery Center, where the administration confirmed it was a 3.72-carat yellow diamond. It is the largest diamond to be discovered since March 2017, the administration said.
It is the largest yellow diamond discovered so far since October 2013.

Park spokesman Wimon Cox said the recent weather played an important role in Miranda’s discovery. He said that whenever rainwater flows, it also leaves small stones and diamonds here. This makes it easier to find. They said Miss Miranda was sitting in the exact spot from which they could see the diamond in the sunlight.
Miranda has not yet decided to price or sell this diamond or wear it in the ring.

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